Pursuit Race - Clacton Sea and Beach Festival

Date: Sunday 26th June
Time: 10.30am

*This event has now passed.

Clacton Sea and Beach Festival

In a change to our calendar this Sunday CSC sailors are invited to join with our neighbours at Gunfleet for a pursuit race in the area just beyond Clacton pier as part of Clacton Sea and Beach Festival

A pursuit race means that each class of boat has its own separate and precise start time with the line set off Gunfleet SC.

Please check the attachment for your boat.

Richard Walker will use radio signal timing so you can set your own watches from the digital clock at our own club.

The course will be a simple 3 buoy triangle set beyond the pier racing laps until the race ends at 1230 for all classes.

Handicap calculations mean that the winner will be the boat in the lead at the end.

Essentially we will be 'pursuing' the slower  boat in front and we should expect to be able to over-take everything in our sights.

The race is part of the Clacton Sea Festival which will be ongoing over the weekend.

There are no entry fees and no need to sign on or off or even to beach at Gunfleet but it might be nice to pop in and say 'hi bye'.

Please see sailing instructions for full details these are available for download on the right of the webpage.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible, shall we plan to leave Holland at about 1030 ish?


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