Easter Bunny 1 & 2 - Race Report - April 2017

Clacton Sailing Club held a mini race series over the Easter weekend with races on both Sunday and Monday.

Pete Boxer and Eilish Dempsey - Easter Bunny 2017

Picture above: Pete Boxer and Eilish Dempsey were to prove unbeatable with two 'bullets'

Easter Bunny Race 1

There was a good turnout of both cats and monos for Sundays race which was held in NW Force 3-4 with a strongly flooding tide and the gusty offshore winds caught many sailors off guard .

Robert Foxon and Mike Rolfe in the Hurricane made a good start and headed off along the coast on a tight reach to the first buoy. They may have spared a glance behind them to see their respective sons James Foxon  and James Rolfe and battling it out both sailing Lasers, both of whom  would go on to place higher than the Hurricane once the handicaps were calculated.

Father and son Mark and George Venables sailed their Dart 16 cat apparently perfectly although admitting to 'nearly losing it' at least once and would go onto to place 3rd overall.

Brian Allen teamed-up with UKCRA youth squad member James Stacey to race the Dart 16X and delighted in the broad reaches when they could fly the kite but, caught up in the excitement, sailed too many legs and put themselves out of contention.

Rob Mitchell sailed his Dart 16 singlehandedly and would normally have been a contender in these fresh conditions. This time however and for the first time ever Rob was caught by a fluke gust and he capsized. Righting the cat singlehanded within seconds we was nevertheless out of the race and would later go onto retire completely.

Another father and son team Ian and Liam Wright racing their Dart 18 put on a spirited effort and led the pack for some of the course until Pete Boxer & Eilish Dempsey recovered the initiative and went onto to win The Easter Bunny Race one

Easter Bunny Race 2

Bank holiday Monday and the wind had swung to the NE with Force 3-4 and gusts up to F 5 felt decidedly cold. Just 5 catamarans braved the conditions but it was good to see 3 of the most  powerful Hurricane catamarans rigged.

In anticipation of a tough race the helms had picked strong crews; Matt Burrell teamed-up with Dan Brzezinski and Brian Allen chose Ian Wright to sail on the two Hurricane SX’s.

Race Officer and Commodore Derek Cheek set 4 laps of a large course which would see the fleet sail nearly to the Pier and back giving these thoroughbreds space to really stretch their legs.

Brian Allen and Ian Wright - Easter Bunny 2017

Picture above: Brian Allen with co pilot Ian Wright sailing 'SLAM'

Robert Foxon and  Mike Rolfe again made  the best start but was soon over-hauled by the SX boats once the kites were up.

Mark and George Venables made the classic Starboard start in his Dart 16 but what became an endurance race proved just too much as they later retired.
Pete Boxer and Eilish Dempsey in the Dart 18 sailed another faultless race to take first and the mini-series overall.

Special Mention

Special mention this week goes to Brian Allen and Ian Wright who having waved away offers of support from the Neil Warn and Pauline Smith in the clubs rescue boat  managed to self-right their Hurricane after capsizing with the kite up and went on to complete the race in just over 2 hours.


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