Coronation Cup - Race Report - July 2017

Sunday 2nd July saw members of Clacton Sailing Club race for the Coronation Cup, a trophy steeped in history.

Mark and Charlie Venables - Coronation Cup 2017

The sun was shining with a light breeze peppered with strong gusts but a beautiful calm sea.

Fierce tide

The course was set with a combination of a diamond and interlocking sausage that was going to challenge sailors with a fierce tide taking the unprepared very quickly to Frinton.

The race would be run over three laps and at 11o’clock sharp the starter gun sounded and Larry Foxon and Mike Rolfe sailing their Hurricane 5.9 took start line honours closely pursued by a chasing pack of catamarans.

Martin and Debbie Chivers in their Dart 18 vied for position with Mark and Charlie Venables in their Dart 16 staying further out in the hope of catching the strong gusts of wind although experiencing a stronger tide.

Brian Allen and Stelios team up

Brian Allen and Stelios sailing their Dart 16X stayed in close contention. Team Chivers arrived at the first bouy ahead of the pack and the race for the Coronation Cup was truly on.

In addition to the usual number of Sunday sailors going through our club’s course competitors needed to time their actions moving around the course whilst a large number of catamarans competed in the Three Piers Race leading to some not only to some very close club racing but avoiding other competitors on full pelt.

After two laps it was becoming clear that it was all about making full use of the significant gusts of wind and not being caught in the doldrums associated with an off shore breeze.

Even stevens

Unbeknown to the competitors everyone was on even stevens taking into consideration their appropriate handicap applied to their boats.

Larry Foxon and Mike Rolf were first to finish followed by Team Chivers but the victors were Mark and Charlie Venables who finished third over the line but through the handicap system although sailing a slower boat and produced an astonishing final lap.


Final result was 1 Mark and Charlie Venables, Dart 16 2 Martin and Debbie Chivers, Dart 18 3 Larry Foxon and Mike Rolfe, Hurricane 5.9.

Clacton Sailing Club has a very busy forthcoming Sunday running the Double Dan. This involves a race from Brightlingsea with competitors from many local clubs taking part.

Special mention

Special mention to another father and son team Ian and Liam Wright for a fantastic performance in the highly competitive Three piers Race, held the same weekend at Marconi Sailing Club, Maldon, Essex


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