Holiday Cup 1, 2, 3 and 4 - Race Report - August 2017

We sure made the most of that Bank Holiday with our 4 race 'Holiday Series' racing back-to-back on Sunday & Monday.

The Fleet - Holiday Cup 2017

Great to see monos and cats racing together again with some new faces joining in.

Hopefully this is a fair representation of the results with the overall win going to John Summerfield in his new Dart 15, well sailed John.

John Summerfield - Holiday Cup 2017

Pictured above: Overall Winner - John Summerfield on his Dat 15

However Mike and Sue sure showed us all how to do it today in their RS 200 with 2 bullets and some really slick roll tacking action going on....

Really good also to see Pete & Helen in the Wanderer, time to ditch the flotation head now.

Pete and Helen - Holiday Cup 2017

Pictured above: Pete and Helen racing in their Wanderer Dinghy

And Rob Banks looking old school cool in the Contender.

Toby and Pauline made a mighty fine team in the Dart 16 as did Mark & Charle in 'Slam' with congratulations on your maiden sail in the Hurricane fleet.

A number of folk could only make one day but hopefully everyone has their own memories to take away.

Results - Holiday Cup 2017 

Usual thanks to all the folk who give their time to make it possible with Debbie and Martin in the rescue boat, Derek and Neil in the race box and Jean taking care of the galley.


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