Easter Bunny 1 & 2 - Race Report - April 2018

Clacton sailing club held their annual Easter Bunny series on Sunday and making the most of the dry weather ran both races back to back.

Brian Allen and Matt Burrell - Easter Bunny 2018

Pictured: Series Winners - Brian Allen, Matt Burrell with Son Mylo

At 11.00 sharp the fleet of catamarans lined up at the start with all the competitors keen to get a clean start and gain the advantage to be first to the windward mark witch had been placed inshore.

Race 1

Brian Allen with Matt Burrell and Larry Foxon with Daniel Brezinski both on Hurricane 5.9 SXs were first away closely followed by father and son team of Mark and George Venables on their Dart 16.

Brian and Matt claimed first to the windward mark where they hoisted their striking blue gennaker and they were off to the seaward buoy.

Rigging problems

Larry and Daniel's third sail launch was delayed through a halyard being snagged dropping them behind the third hurricane crewed by Stafford Glover and Burrow.

The race was now truly on and all the competitors races around the course made up of a sausage and a triangle.

The Allen and Burrell team were clear winners followed by Foxon and Brezinski who had managed to retake 2 position through tactical use of the strong tide.

Race 2

The Fleet of catamarans stayed on the water and awaiting the second race and it was the Venables team to be first away at the start but quickly overhauled by the much faster Hurricane 5.9SXs that quickly hoisted the vast gennakers, with the Allen and Burrell team leading the pack and all was to play for.

Close quarter

With close quarter sailing and tactical use of the tide in very fluky wind conditions all came down to the last buoy with the 3 Hurricanes all coming at it from  different angles. It was the Allen, Burrell team to take line honours with the Glover and Burrow crew just seconds behind.

Larry Foxen and Dan Brzezinski - Easter Bunny 2018

Pictured: Larry Foxon and Daniel Brzezinski, win second place overall.

With all the results in of the 2 race mini series Brian Allen and Matt Burrell were winners of the Easter Bunnies with Foxon and Brezinski second and Glover And Burrow third with team Venables any credible 4th.

Big thanks

Big thank you to the rescue boat team of Captain Warn and Robert Mitchell who stayed on stand by through out the proceedings.


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