Class Series 3 & 4 - Race Report - May 2018

A decidedly dodgy forecast today with threats of thunderstorms and strong winds put folk off but the 3 boats that enjoyed Series Races 3 & 4 had fun in the sun nevertheless.

Peter and Helen - Class Series 3 & 4 2018

Great to see Helen and Peter back in their Wanderer although they will admit the reef in the main was a step too cautious and let them slip out of contention with the 2 Dart 16's.

Rob Mitchell teamed-up with Larry and enjoyed really tight racing with Mark & George Venables: Mark was ahead in race 3 until they fluffed a tack and let Rob & Larry through to win.

Then in Race 4 Mark & George really seemed to suss the reach strategy on the sausages and turned the tables forcing Rob to accept second place; Rob & Larry had steered the straight line course that is usually understood to be the fastest route after taking into account the ebbing tide.

Mark & George in contrast chose first to head sufficiently upwind to squeeze enough apparent wind to allow George to trapeze with a visible increase in speed. Then at the end of each leg Mark would surf the swell downwind to make the mark and keep Rob at bay.

Final Races 5 & 6 tomorrow will be the decider - who will try the new technique I wonder ?

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